Tale of Two: Valley St in SO

It’s no secret that our sister town, South Orange, has its own ambitions for development.  It turns out that the newest projects on Valley Street offer an excellent case study for both project process and definition.

The 3rd and Valley project was completed in 2016 and is marketed on behalf of the developer, Jonathan Rose Companies on this site.

The “4th and Valley” project is in the final stages of definition after a couple of years of negotiation, community input, and design revision.   The most recent review of the project is covered in a Village Green article:

The full article and comments are available here.

Some call 3rd and Valley a “failed project”;  “4th and Valley”, at the next intersection south, is getting a much better reception, at least in the design stage.  But read the article–4th and Valley’s reception may be a result of the inclusive, transparent, and lengthy review by all stakeholders.

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