STEVE KALAFER and JOE FORGIONE WANT TO BUY A POST OFFICE! Mayor DeLuca introduced a new ordinance this week that would clear the way for Steve and Joe to buy the Post Office site on November 16, 2015.  Steve and Joe would be new neighbors before Thanksgiving!  And that's without worrying about Planning Board approval, … Continue reading MEET THE DEVELOPERS!

Village UNSAFE Zone Proposed By JMF Properties

THE MAPLEWOOD VILLAGE UNSAFE ZONE The post above appeared last week on the OHNO60 Facebook page.   It shows the sidewalk and truck arrangement at the front of the proposed JMF project.  The mid-sized trailer in the photo, by necessity, will need to drive over the proposed sidewalk to access Kings' driveway. Read our summary below, … Continue reading Village UNSAFE Zone Proposed By JMF Properties