Our Voices or Theirs?

This week alone our own voices are telling us what we value and a developer is telling us that we want to be something very different - or actually quite the same-old that he has built in other towns. And our voices? You could hear them back in 2007 at http://njmonthly.com/articles/best-of-jersey/best_downtowns/ Have our values changed that … Continue reading Our Voices or Theirs?

Village Keeper Signs

Just a weekend reminder:  Village Keeper lawn signs are still available, still free, and still delivered to your lawn within 24 hours.  Just email your address to "villagekeepers@yahoo.com". Village Keepers, Inc is a non-profit New Jersey corporation dedicated to the welfare of Maplewood Village.  It seeks to balance economic development with preservation of character through … Continue reading Village Keeper Signs