Village Visioning Invitation


Earlier this month Maplewood Township launched a survey for creating a vision for Maplewood Village.  We are writing to encourage you to participate! Clicking here will take you directly to the survey (deadline Sunday August 26th!)

Visioning is the first step in setting community goals.  It directs specific planning and the review of public and private projects.  Renewal and growth that is embraced by an entire community is the hallmark of success and a foundation of our civic fabric.  Please help set fresh goals by completing the survey!

The Village Visioning survey is the first effort of its kind to involve us on planning our shared physical environment together.  Using this approach for all of Maplewood would be a fantastic step forward.

Please set aside time to complete the survey and help make it a success.  Also, please pass this email to anyone and everyone–friends and community groups within and beyond Maplewood–that may be interested.

We’ve prepared several links to provide some background and help you understand the effort overall:

  • Background:  An overview of the process being used and the role of the Local Planning organization based in the Department of Consumer Affairs in Trenton  
  • Preview:   A preview of the survey–very helpful to glance over and collect your thoughts before submitting your views
  • Vote:  A link directly to the survey page.   (Survey must be completed in one sitting, so using the preview link above may be helpful!)   
  • The Why:  A short opinion piece from 2017 that speaks to connecting land-use planning to the community values we cherish


Thanks for your time!