February 2017 Dumpster&Grease Trap Update

JMF Properties submitted a revised proposal for placement of the dumpsters and grease trap necessitated by the introduction of a new restaurant at the site.  This is the fourth revision since the proposal was first brought to the Planning Board in October, 2016. Details of earlier submissions can be found here, and an update on the current status here.

Village Gateway & Bypass Road Behind Clarus Maplewood

The current proposal, to be reviewed by the Planning Board on Valentine’s Day (aka Tuesday, February 14th, 8PM, Town Hall) appears below.  Two significant changes have been made:

  1. The grease trap, a 500-1000 gallon sub-surface tank for preventing restaurant grease from entering the sewer system, has been re-located a distance north.  It is shown with pink-ish shading in the figure above.  This move is advantageous as the associated odors and inconveniences during period maintenance are more distance from the Village Gateway and pedestrian cross walk.
  2. The dumpster storage area (the “bunker”, shown with orange shading above, and in detail below) has been located behind the Clarus Maplewood.  Previous iterations placed it at locations in the public parking area near Village Coffee.   The new location avoids interference with general traffic flow, hides the dumpster from view on Maplewood Avenue, and is a more fair and equitable solution as it is not to the detriment of future improvements to larger public parking area to the south.

This proposal will be reviewed by the Planning Board, and must also be reviewed by the Village Alliance as per Township ordinance.   The introduction of the large structure requires a re-thinking of the aesthetic design on the bypass road, most notably to choice of bushes and trees, and the size/appearance of the dumpster bunker itself.   The new location is highly visible from Clarus Maplewood, the public parking area to the south, Ricalton Square, and the NJ Transit train platform.

Public questioning and comments at Planning Board, Tuesday, February 14th, 8pm, Town Hall.

Dumpster Bunker, designed for seven dumpsters

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