A Tangled Web


Zoning and re-development processes within municipalities are specified in New Jersey state laws, and the state constitution.  Within each municipality certain mandatory committees and boards are called for, and others are optional.

A large learning curve greets anyone that sets out to understand the functions of each body and the role(s) each plays in zoning and development matters.   As we sorted this all out we generated a chart to help visualize staffing and work flow that came to be known as “the tangled web”.   Here’s the version that was done in early 2015.


This was very helpful in understanding the committees, sub-committees, and boards that are involved in development decisions.   It also shed light on the tenure of some of our township committee members, and via the colored lines, showed the roles individuals played at multiple points in the process.  We should not loose sight of the fact the folks listed are neighbors and friends–and that they volunteer their time as a contribution to the community.  The chart is meant as an overview of responsibilities and procedure, it is not meant to question the role or contribution of any individuals!

The Township Committee is currently auditing committee and board membership for diversity.   We hope they will also review tenure, and the multiple seats held by some individuals.   While all of this appears to be legal, it seems that some turn-over is overdue.  Our community is constantly evolving, with the introduction of hundreds of rental units and home sales volume increasing year over year.

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This site chronicles the five year public process leading to the construction of Clarus Maplewood.   We recently re-arranged it to provide easier access chronologically or by topic area.  Check out the changes here.

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