Memorial Day… Parking Studies

It's Memorial Day weekend, but we can't help but to find the next JMF Properties topic to study.   This time it will be parking.   The images below provide some 2011, 125 Dunnell Road was owned by the Town and made part of a Redevelopment Plan.   That structure, and the surrounding land, was replaced by apartments … Continue reading Memorial Day… Parking Studies

Due Diligence


Oh No 60


When faced with something that can’t be changed once begun, shouldn’t you make sure the due diligence has been done?

We have seen no solid plans, no proposed rents, no studies on how this will bring business not businesses to The Village. No studies on how this will affect the housing market, not even a study about how it will affect the surrounding environment… This is Maplewood NJ, this town deserves to have the answers and due diligence done before signing over to the developer.

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