Building Proposal Renderings

Most Recent Renderings (Updated 5/8/15)


Ricalton Square

These images were obtained from an OPRA (Open Public Records Act) requst to the Township in early May 2015′ We understand them to be the last version provided to the Maplewood Village Alliance Design Review Sub-Committee meeting before the Sub-committee made its recommendation. (More Images Below)


Back Of The Building


From Train Station


From down the hill (approx No. 165)9







Elevations 2


Elevations 3




First Floor


Second Floor


Third Floor









Ricalton Perspective

Ricalton Perspective

Rear Perspective

rear perspective

North West Elevations

North West Elevations

East South Elevations

East South Elevations



For those of you who haven’t seen them yet, here are the renderings of the proposed building.   When we here at OhNo60 first saw the drawings we realized the scaling was misleading and decided residents needed a little more insight into what the measurements actually meant!   For example, notice how wide Maplewood Avenue appears, and also how far away Village Coffee looks.   And the new building appears to be almost the same height as Village Coffee, when in fact it is much taller!

LM rendering at MVA mtg

In 2013 L&M developers were selected by the township and proposed the building shown above.   The work on the project progressed through the summer, but in September 2013 the developer withdrew from the project.   This happened after King’s supermarket decided not the move across the street, and after the architect hired by L&M withdrew from the project.  The new developer (first rendering above)  was chosen during the fall, and entered into a negotiation period with the Township that started in November.    The period is scheduled to end in early February, unless it is extended by mutual agreement.   It is likely the Township is working to sign contracts before the negotiation period needs to be extended.”

4 thoughts on “Building Proposal Renderings

  1. I am very concerned about the lack of set back from Maplewood Avenue. Isn’t there a height/set back ratio formula on the books? The project and community would benefit from a 50ft set back to be used as open space and potential outdoor dining/seating. As proposed, it is really going to visually crowd Maplewood Avenue.
    While the proposed multi-use building isn’t totally unattractive, it does look like urban Whole Foods/condos anywhere USA, not Maplewood. Is that because the building fills every square inch of the plot??? What a shadow it’s going to cast onto the opposite side of Maplewood Ave.!!!


  2. I wouldn’t call this beautiful, but stop acting so pretentious about our untouchable downtown. If it was so precious we wouldn’t be allowing all the beautiful black iron kitchen exhaust ducts attached to the outside of Arturo’s, or the beautiful rear facades along the parking lot between Maplewood Avenue and the tracks. The new proposed building footprint is pretty much the same size as the existing post office.


  3. This nonsense has to stop. The proposed development socially positive and economically rationale. Letting the old PO building sit empty for years will be very bad for Maplewood. Please, tear it down and put up the new building


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