The redevelopment project at the Village Post Office site formally began in 2011 when the Township Committee commissioned a report that concluded that New Jersey’s Local Redevelopment Law (Section 40A) could be invoked to manage changes at the site.¹   Section 40A is a powerful land-use tool available to municipalities that allows them to act substantially like private entities in making land-use decisions.   Wide latitude is given to officials under this law, including upgrading, adaptive re-use, and demolition of existing structures.

The figure below shows the key steps followed starting in 2011 and culminating in the sale of the site to JMF Properties.  If you find it intriguing, contact us on Facebook with questions.   Everyone else, just skip ahead!



The bullets below summarize the key events in this complex timeline, and include links to OHNO60 materials prepared as the process unfolded:




¹Some Township Officials, most notably former Committee Member Jerry Ryan, have stressed that the decision to redevelop the site had been discussed starting in the late 1990s and that ideas to approach the site differently were much too late by the time public input was being sought in 2012.