Assessments Within Maplewood Village

For a commercial property the tax assessment made on a structure is dominated by the use (type of business) and revenue (lease terms and payments) of the tenant(s).  The portion of a property assessment is typically expressed in a dollar value per square foot.

In Maplewood Village the assessments per square foot vary from $89 (for the US Postal Service when located in the old Post Office building) to $299 per square foot for Village Trattoria.  This chart shows these values and others.


Our TaxpayerGold page takes these values, and the Village Post Office as an example, to discuss alternative revenue models for that structure.  In that analysis, values of $160 and $200 per square foot are used for comparison purposes.

The other component of tax assessments is that assessment for the land itself.  In Maplewood Village most properties are assessed at $25 per square foot of land.   The Post Office site was assessed at $30 per square foot, prehaps because of its proximity to the train station, or due to its larger size

The land assessment estimated for the Post Office site, prepared for construction of the Post House, is approximately $50 per square foot (which was also used in part to arrive at the sale price).   The figure is double the remainder of the properties in the Village, thus it is possible that the Post House owner may appeal their taxes after the project is completed.