2022 Master Plan Update

[The most current information can be found at https://www.maplewoodnj.gov/government/township-master-plan]

During this past winter the Township put out to bid, and awarded, a contract for planning assistance in the creation of a new Masterplan. The contract was awarded to DFJ Planning of New York City.

The first community engagement is an on-line workshop that will be available through the summer. It can be accessed at https://maplewoodmasterplanworkshop.com.

The second community engagement workshop was live and was held on Tuesday, October 25th at 7:30pm at the Woodland. The materials presented at the meeting are shown below:

A third public workshop, also live, is planned for the winter months.

DFJ will be overseeing a process that will take approximately one year:

PHASE ONE Community Engagement (on-going)

Community Engagement Plan

On-line Engagement: web site and surveys

Interactive on-line workshop

Pop-up Events

E-Blasts and on-going publicity

Focus Group meetings

Public Workshops to review draft recommendations

PHASE TWO Maplewood Today (months 1-5)

Review Prior Plans and Studies

Meetings with Department Heads

Create Vision Statement, goals identified

Develop 3-4 Themes that capture “big picture” aspects of Vision

Maplewood Today report documenting current conditions and trends

PHASE THREE Recommendations, and Plan Draft & Review (months 5-12)

Share recommendations at public workshop and on-line survey

First draft shared with Master Plan Steering Committee

Updated draft presented at Township Hearing

Final draft prepared for adoption with involvement of Planning Board

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