Planning Board, October 13, 2015


Planning Board Meeting Tonight:  Many Issues to Be Discussed

Inda Sechzer, a resident and owner of a local architectural firm, submitted an open letter yesterday to the Planning Board Chair, Tom Carlson.   Inda wrote:

Dear Tom,

I am writing to you with a summary of issues and thoughts I believe are important regarding the PO site. These issues and concerns are the result of discussion amongst a number of professionals including architects, planners, engineers, as well as local residents. I would appreciate it if you would forward and share these thoughts with your board members. I am also attaching relevant documents to this letter as one comprehensive pdf file.  …read more

Inda’s complete letter with attachments can be found on our Planning Board page.

The Board continues deliberation tonight.  Some members are anxious to vote, others are seeking more information.   Let’s hope they can Stop, Look, and Listen.   Important issues remain unresolved!  7:30pm, Town Hall.

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