One thought on “Details From The Last Meeting

  1. I certainly hope you are not serious about repurposing. The old post office is an eyesore and needs to be removed, the sooner the better. OhNo60 appears to be completely against any improvement for our wonderful town. You have adopted a completely negative attitude to any new ideas. Please stop interfering with the work our town council is doing. We elected them and they are doing a great job, despite the grossly vociferous nay saying of an elitist minority, OhNo60.

    If you really wanted to do something great for the town, you would repurpose your misguided efforts to mobilizing NJ Transit to join with the developers to create an integrated improvement to the equally outdated and ugly Maplewood train station. Upgrading it to a completely barrier free, modern commuter station, connected directly to the center of Maplewood Village, is long overdue. The post office site is a once in a lifetime opportunity to do just that, don’t let it pass us by.


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